Jeong Myeong-seok / 정명석 / 鄭明析 or 郑明析

JMS Cult / Providence Church / GACP / Setsuri 摂理/ Christian Gospel Mission

& The Jesus Morning Star Cult


From Taiwan: Scans and English Translation of Next Magazine's JMS article, November 2001.












Evil cult leader seduced & raped hundreds of NTU & NCCU female students



Korean sexual predator and cult leader Jeong Myeong-seok's tentacles are deep into university campuses all over Taiwan. Nearly a hundred university girls, including students from National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Chengchi University (NCCU), were selected to take a bath with him, and even have sex with him. Some considered this the grace of the Lord and a privilege.



There have already been about 500 accusations from Korean women against Jeong Myeong-seok, and they have taken collective legal action. However, the hundreds of Taiwanese victims have been bounded by moral and religious confinements, and are frightened to accuse him. The Bible says, everything concealed will be revealed. This Magazine now exposes this international religious fraud.



Korean culture is a hit in Taiwan. It is now fashionable for Taiwanese girls to watch Korean TV series, learn Korean language, listen to Korean pop music, and even pretend to be Korean S.E.S. band members, but in fact, this interest in Korean culture had been incubating on university campuses for a while. Religion is a step ahead of the fashion.




The JMS church, a Korean Christianity sect, has been silently active on university campuses in Taiwan for 10 years. The 56-year-old leader, Jeong Myeong-seok, was worshipped as an idol, and every time he came to Taiwan he was surrounded by beautiful ladies. It was even heard that there were girls taking shifts to provide him with 24-hour services, and that these services included taking baths together and sexual services. Some of them were even proud of the services they provided.

色魔教主 橫行寶島: Sex-wolf Cult Leader Unchallenged in Formosa




The acts of this sexual predator and cult leader became well known in Korea after SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Service) TV station exposed him with almost 500 victims appearing to accuse him. This forced Jeong to hastily flee Korea in the name of an overseas missionary trip, and even now the Korean police are still looking for him. The number of Korean followers has dropped from around 100,000 at its peak, to somewhere in the order of 3,000 to 4,000.




Taiwan has; however, been especially favorable towards Jeong with almost a thousand followers still worshipping him as savior. Jeong's most recent public activity in Taiwan was to attend the Peace Cup Soccer Match held in March this year at Taipei Chungshan Soccer Stadium. President Chen Shui-bian was invited to attend the opening ceremony. The accompanying JMS cheerleaders became the focus of the news media.

辣手摧花 網路流傳: A Flower Crumbles: Word Spreads on the Internet



Rabbi Jeong, in his followers' words, is very good at building his public image. He likes to dress in white suits and looks like an upper class gentleman, but sometimes he would put on soccer shirts, and challenge young lads on the soccer field. When in a high mood, he would impromptly paint calligraphy in Korean characters. However, his dandy appearance can never hide his monstrous side.



Allegation that Jeong raped Taiwanese university students spread on BBS (Internet Bulletin Boards) as early as October 1997. Members of the Taiwan Parliament demanded an investigation; however, prosecutors only treated it as an Internet rumor and left it uninvestigated.


The following year, an NCCU female student ended her life seemingly because of her JMS faith. The incident was reported as the “Mu-Shin Church Incident.” It made headlines in the student campus newspaper, The University Press.

被害家庭 墜入地獄:
Victim Families’ Life was Hell



Recently, This Magazine received phone call and mail complaints. After a sustained period of investigation, they were found not to be false allegations. This sanctimonious cult leader had beguiled almost a hundred students out of their virginity in the name of a false messiah.



Ms. Fan, an NCCU graduate, is one of the victims. She joined JMS during her university years. Her husband was also a member. Last year they were married under the church ministers' blessing. There is even a Jeong Myeong-seok signature on their marriage certificate.



This May, the rape allegations against Jeong caused quite a disturbance within the church. Ministers in Tainan and Hsinchu churches started an investigation, and after realizing the allegations were true, led followers away from JMS in droves.





This break up also exposed the secret hidden deep in Mrs. Fan's heart for many years. After her husbands' questioning, she finally confessed in tears that she had been molested by Jeong three times. The first time she was touched in Wolmyeong-dong, JMS's sacred site in Korea. The other two times were during Jeong's visits to Taiwan, where sexual intercourse occurred. The newly-weds wailed uncontrollably as if they were children deserted by their messiah and destined for hell.



According to an estimation made by a church member informing This Magazine, JMS has been actively recruiting members on university campuses since 1990. The number of “devoured” girls adds up to about one hundred, and this includes many elite students from NTU.



The church member said that Mrs. Fan's husband had mentioned these rapes when he was in confession with a church minister, but he tried very hard to conceal the wound and would not mention much because he would cry if he thought about it.

害怕詛咒 不敢揭發: Afraid of the Curse, Frightened to Expose


When This Magazine phoned Mrs. Fan to verify this allegation, she sounded nervous and did not know how to respond. She mumbled a few sentences and passed the phone to her husband.


Her husband indirectly declined the interview. He said in sadness, "we now hope to live in privacy, and have our days in calmness, undisturbed."


Finally, he added with sadness and concern, "We shouldn't need to change our phone number, should we?"



"Thei parents from both sides do not know anything about this. They were worried they would have to live in shame if their parents found out. They are also worried about being cursed," an informing church member said. “People from outside do not believe in curses, but members do.” Jeong utilized these multiple layers of conflicts and contradictions to commit his monstrous sexual crimes.


Many female followers consider having sex with Jeong both a privilege and a pleasure, and as a way to increase their own status within the church. "They were proud like the concubines of a king.”



A senior member said that there was a NTU Mathematics graduate who accompanied Jeong on mission trips overseas and had an unusual relationship with him. However, the church minister added that she only played the role of church ambassador.

洗善惡果 行性侵犯: Washing the Fruit of Good and Evil to Commit Sexual Crimes


Our informer said, “The way Jeong devours girls is always the same. It usually proceeds in the form of a body check-up and the washing of 'the fruit of good and evil,' or female genitals."



A Singaporean girl, Min-min, went to Wol Myong Dong on a pilgrimage in 1998. She took a bath with Jeong and had sex with him. She wrote down what happened in detail and shared it with her fellow Taiwanese followers.


Our informer was shown the letter. The experience Mrs. Fan suffered is very similar to Min-min's description.



According to the letter, "Rabbi (Jeong) entered the bath room, after a while the Korean sister called me to go to Rabbi… Rabbi was very tired and had fallen asleep on the bed. The Korean sister asked me to take off Rabbi's socks, then take off Rabbi's jacket… The Korean sister asked me to massage Rabbi's palms and shoulders… then Rabbi touched my breast (with his hand under the cloth)"



Rabbi then touched my fat leg, and asked me if there is any place in my body I felt uncomfortable… I said I had a bad stomach, but Rabbi asked, "Is your waist alright?"… Then I recalled that I often had a sore waist, Rabbi said that he was going to heal my waist. He asked me to take a shower first."

遭人誘姦 以為救贖: Seduced and Raped, but Thought it Salvation




I remembered the first time Rabbi touched my thigh, I wondered whether Rabbi would one day asked me to take my clothes off? Would he? Rabbi is not that kind of person, but it actually happened. Rabbi asked me to undress, I was shy, but Rabbi nodded and asked me to change, then I followed his orders. But the worst thing was I was having my period… At this Rabbi said, 'It's alright, carry on.'



Then the Korean sister said she was going to teach me how to wash my "fruit of good and evil." When she was about to start teaching me, Rabbi came and got in the shower to wash my body… Then Rabbi washed my "fruit of good and evil." It hurt, but at the time I thought Rabbi had healed my waist."



… After the shower, Rabbi led me to the bed, ask me to lie down, then he massaged and released my bone. There were many sounds, but I felt comfortable. When it was done, Rabbi touched my breast and said, “It's beautiful.” Both my body and spirit were redeemed, and I appreciated Rabbi greatly.



JMS followers all believe Jeong has spiritual power to heal people, so he often makes female believers undress in the name of a body check-up.

"Taking a shower was a piece of cake. He is such a degenerate. When he had sex, he often did two or three girls at the same time.

韓國惡行 指證歷歷:
Terrible Conduct in Korea, Victims Testify




Korean SBS TV broadcast an in-depth investigation on their show [i]I Want to Know About it[/i] in 1999 in which many victims appeared to accuse and testify against Jeong's sexual crimes. A lady, Miss Park (not her real name), said, "He asked me to take off my clothes. I was wearing a dress, and he asked me to unbutton it and then unbutton the shoulder sling of my bra, but I ran out of the room."



"A senior sister found me, and told me that Mr. Jeong was the Messiah, and his intention to have sex with me was to save me… If I rejected, then bad things would happen to me. While she talked to me, she pushed me into the room. I then had a sexual relationship with Rabbi afterwards."


"After a while, the more I thought about it, the more wrong I thought it was. When I approached Rabbi to tell him that I wanted to end this relationship, to my horror I was hit in the face so forcefully that my glasses flew away."

俊男美女 參加禮拜: Handsome Boys & Beautiful Girls Attending Worship Services


That December, South Korean victims joined up to accuse Jeong Myeong-seok. Just those who had sexual intercourse alone added up to 479, and among them, 261 had a university education.



JMS prefers female university students as members, especially students from NTU and NCCU. One Sunday morning, our journalists observed their churches near NTU and Tamkang University were surprised by the accuracy of the rumors. Members are easily identified: ladies dressed fashionably, and looked more like ladies who were going shopping. The many men dressed in shirts of the working classes.




Our journalist randomly selected several members attending Sunday service, and asked them why they believed in Jeong. Almost uniformly they answered that the doctrines are very practical. About the impression they had about Jeong Myeong-seok, they generally replied that he is very affable and just like a father. Finally, about the rapes, they replied that they had heard those rumors, but believed them to be baseless Internet rumors, and that it was impossible that Jeong had raped anyone.

「哪有那麼笨的,受害應該站出來告。」但是當記者反問這位台大畢業的女教友,「如果是妳,妳會站出來嗎?」 她遲疑了一下,重複一次「不可能」,然後轉身離去。

"Who would be so stupid? If there are victims, they should appear to sue him." However, when our journalist asked this NTU graduate female member, "would you appear if you were raped?" she hesitated and repeated "impossible," then left hastily.

組織神秘 活動公開: Secret Organization and Public Events




Our journalists went to NTU and NCCU, the two universities that JMS focused its recruiting on. Several students who know someone in the church felt that they were quite secretive, and unless they were sure you were going to join, they would not take you to the church. They also said that there were numerous public activities and events: boys played football and girls sang and danced. They also cheerleader teams as well.



Assistant professor Chien YU of the Religion & Culture Research Institute in the (Buddhist) Tzu Chi University pointed out that despite JMS presenting itself through public entertainment and activity events, their religious service is closed from the public. At this moment, of the 18 JMS churches in Taiwan, two-thirds are concealed in residential apartments, and some churches don't even have any signage on the door.



However, the emotional bonds between members are particularly strong. An NCCU journalism graduate, Ms. Wu, saw the affection of JMS from one of her best friend in university. Her best friend's home was in Chung-li, and was the only child in the family. After experiencing a break-up with her boyfriend during her first year at university, she started to believe in JMS the following year.

沉迷異教 吵著休學:
Lost in a Weird Religion; Arguing to Discontinue Studies


"She was totally transformed. She used to wear clothes in gloomy colors. However, one day, she dressed in all white all of a sudden. And it was that kind of laced white skirt, just like a Korean girl."



"She collected a lot of information about Korea, and often told us she liked Korea. Then she argued that she wanted to discontinue her study and move to Korea. It was then her family realized this thing, and took her back to Chung-li." The result was, she went back to Chung-li, and found another JMS branch around the back gate of National Central University. She continued to attend church activities behind her parents’ back.



Ms. Wu asked her about the rumor that Jeong took baths with members. Her best friend replied, "They had to go through a selection process." The implication was the rumor was true, and should be considered a kind of "grace".

奢華訪台 教友供養: Luxurious Visits to Taiwan Supported by Members


Jeong Myeong-seok usually visits branches in Taiwan every year or two. "Every time he visited, students had to contribute NTD$1000, and working people had to contribute NTD$2000."


A JMS evangelist said that Jeong had visited Taiwan many times. Every time he came with a group of beautiful Korean girls at his service and stayed in five-star hotels. All the costs were borne by JMS Taiwan churches.

(JUNG Myung Suk) 卻僅有一次入境台灣的紀錄, 時間是在一九九一年九月三日至六日。 而他之後來台,到底使用什麼身分與護照,中間有沒有違法?令人百思不解。

A senior church member said that Jeong Myeong-seok had come to Taiwan at least ten times, but according to the records held by the Immigration Department, Jeong Myeong-seok (spelled Jung Myung Suk) only had one record of entry and exit, and that time was September 3 to September 6, 1991. Then how did he enter Taiwan after that? What identity and passport did he use? Were all these entries legal? They are all mysteries now.



When our journalist rang up the three people responsible for arranging Jeong’s schedule in Taiwan and asked about all these allegations, the gentleman over the phone replied, "I will not answer any questions." Of the other two ladies, one switched off the phone immediately and the other secretary informed us that she refused to be interviewed.


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